Life, Liberty and Dont Pursuit Happiness

I was tidying my room while listening Philosophy Talk talking about “Happiness”, I properly have miss a few point here or there. But,

I really wish they had spend more time talking about Happiness as an incentive that is part of a larger system our genes use to encourage our consciousness to act in a way that will increase the chance the genes in our body will survive.

Talking about Happiness as a word, a condition or how it differ from culture to culture and era to era is fine, but any serious conversation about Happiness should devout large proportion to talking about it as an evolutionary biological phenomenon.

Understanding Happiness as nothing more than the carrot part of carrot and stick to rule over consciousness is why I think Nietzsche came up with nihilism.

The attainment of sustainable Happiness can only be achieve by not pursuing it.

I am not joking or trying to say something that make me sound wise. I am saying it because its true.

Thats right, I truly wish everyone on earth (don’t care for aliens) could have life and freedom, and I wish they would not pursuit happiness, its a chase that will not end, unless you stop chasing.


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