Al Gore for President…..please please please

I really like Obama, but given a choice between him and Gore, I will pick Gore in a heartbeat. Gore is change, experience, inspirational, visionary, scientific, and the future. He is Obama and more. Only in the realm of coolness and racial glass ceiling breaking can Obama beat Gore.

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8 thoughts on “Al Gore for President…..please please please

  1. I think that given a choice between being VP under Hillary or Gore, Obama would choose Gore in a heartbeat if it ever came to that.

  2. the choices that i was referring to is

    obama president, vp someone else


    gore president, vp obama

    what would obama choose between these 2.

  3. would obama make that choice base on his believe that he would be a better pres then gore? or simply because he could not resist the temptation of a presidency even if he is less qualified then gore.

  4. No, not yet!!

    i am sure u can come up with a new angle to it!!

    when its finally dead,

    we can still reanimate it with the question

    who would Obama rather have sex with, Hillary or Gore?

    thats right, get that image into your head!!

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