Gender or Race Ceiling

Gender or race ceiling, which one would be more significant to break in this years American presidential election?

I have read pundits argue that a broken gender ceiling would be more significant, citing that fact that women have their voting right recognised later then African-American in America.

However if one take a broader world view, color minority has been the weaker member.
Just on top of my head, Britain, New Zealand, Germany and Canada have all had female head of government. Though most of these European states have color minority but have never have one as their head of government.

Historically, white Europeans have been dominating the world political scene ever since the rise of western power in 1500. So the significance of having a color person lead the world’s most powerful state is really hard to overstate.

If social barrier is the issue in this election, breaking the race barrier is more
significant and inspiring then the gender barrier.


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