I remember an comedian once said, “I am not comfortable being between laugher for too long” or something like that. Like a comedian i am not too comfortable to go on too long in a blog without images, video or stills. This is because i believe compare to words, motion and still images engage and attracts readers very differently, cognitive speaking. It draws more attention from the unconscious level of our mind. Unlike word that take time to decode and interpret, images are straight, sharp and hits your mind with lots of feeling very quickly. Thats how our brain works, the superficial almost always provoke emotions quicker then words. one can argue maybe thats why erotic material sells better in forms of video and still images then in novels.

ok, done with words lets stir up some feelings with some pictures taken with a Lomo camera.

This image is taken from Lomicus Dorkus, is a picture of a Lotus Lake, in the northern section of Kaohsiung where i use to live as a child before my parent got divorced. This image is captured using a Lomo Fisheye.

I am not a photographic expert but i used to own a Lomo camera (lost it before i could produce anything, damn it) and from the lomo pictures that i have seen, Lomo camera captured images are unique for their very vivid colors, shadows, hight sensitive to light and a sense of motion.

Just look at the color!! this photo is taken by photosapience

demonstration of shadow by KezzyKez

Light sensitivity and motion, this is the work of natemeg2006

And a Lomo camera looks like this
Want to know more?

This is the official Lomography site, i think

Learn how to make your digital photo look more lomo
How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography


2 thoughts on “Lomography

  1. なんかいいけど、切ないー写真。このカメラで撮られて過去になりたくないー!!って私意味不明ですか?

  2. I just got the Lomo Oktomat last month, although I have yet to finish a roll of film on it. Not enough sunny days in Taiwan, sadly. I’m looking forward to getting it out in the spring, once the rain stops!

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