Review on the incoherent “America: Freedom to Fascism”

America: Freedom to Fascism” a documentary by Arron Russo is about political elites’ manipulation of the public. The film addresses numerous important issues, but ultimately wrap together incoherently unable to deliver a clear overarching picture. Kind of reminded me of essays that I wrote the night before the due date. Its really bad, its amatureish, its so bad i felt asleep three times watching it.

The film used almost half of the film trying to establish that America don’t have a statuary law that require Americans to pay federal income tax, and it did so by showing different people saying the same thing and arguing the same point. Ok, i get it, move on, tell me why this is a problem. I mean having no statuary law against an act doesn’t always make that act alright. Murder is still wrong even if there is no law against it. The film showed many case of people convicted for not paying for federal tax, those precedence makes it a law under the common law logic until they are overturned. In fact, before the film ever made clear on the Five Ws(Who, What, When, Where, Why and hoW), it moves to attack the Federal Reserve Bank.

It argues, Federal Reserve Bank is evil organization on the lose with the ability to print money, while acknowledging that elected government appoints its Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. It argues, the government, Federal Reserve Bank and credit companies manipulate the public into borrowing so some how it can enslave the public and make money that way. this obviously contradict the point about federals banks ability to print money. why steal when you can just print it your self.

this flow of incoherent theories just goes on and on. the film move from the federal bank, to credit companies leaders, to miss treatment of citizens by national guards in New Orleans, to lost of privacy by the possibility of implanted identification system, to scandals over fixing elections and vulnerability of electronic voting machines, to arguing American is fighting in Iraq because of federal bank it to, ended with a conspiracy to create a world government.

This documentary is a mess, its trying to tell a story with too many pieces of puzzles not able to fit together to create a picture, either because those puzzles where not from the same picture, or too many pieces are missing or both. The likely scenarios is both in this film. To make sense of all these points that its making and why were they all to put into a single documentary more answers is needed. Who are the conspirators behind this? Why are they doing this and for what purpose?

A documentary don’t really have to give answers to be great, Micheal Moores’ Bowling For Columbine did not give out an answer, but it lead the audience towards an answer by testing a series of hypothesis in a coherent way.

Having been very critical, many individual issues in the film are worthy of the attention of the public. Are the conduct of the Internal Revenue Service action appropriate? Is the American government providing sufficient oversight into the workings of federal bank, Are our house whole debt too high? and is the integrity of our voting system undermined?

These are important questions, the film offer no convincing answers but it server the public by raising awareness. and its free on google video and i guess its worth watching.

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2 thoughts on “Review on the incoherent “America: Freedom to Fascism”

  1. First I think you need grammar lessons! I don’t think the film’s goal was to give answers to the issues it raises, it set out to make people realize that something is not right and more questions need to be asked about what “Big Brother” is up to. The unknowing public has become too complacent in its ignorance. I think this film needs to be seen by everyone, we need to let our government know that what it’s doing is illegal.

  2. I don’t even think this guy watched this movie. I for one am amazed at the the IRS’s lack of proof of a law. And why Aaron Russo ended up dead after this movie?

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