Climate crisis and its activist

I am a recreational diver, it saddens me to see photos like this. This picture is taken from The Canary Project whose mission is to

photograph landscapes around the world that are exhibiting dramatic transformation due to global warming and to use these photographs to persuade as many people as possible that global warming is already underway and of immediate concern.

here is what i think of the environment,


some people think that we need to save the earth,
thats wrong, the earth don’t need us to save it,
what we need to save is an earth that is habitable to the human race
save our self not the earth.

polluting the environment will negatively effect on our next generation
wrong again, polluting the environment has negative effects now
some polluting will cause negative consequence in our life time, some even in the following year.

Here is a few blogs and sites to read up on the issue.

☆Is the world really as bad as some environmentalist say it is? here is a brilliant debate between Carl Pope and Bjorn Lomborg.
Bjorn won the debate with his much more nuanced picture of our habitat.
The State of Nature

An environmental policy blog, looks and feel professional with plenty to links to other sites on the issue.
Stolen Moments

Informational and its fun to see the blogger debate with climate crisis denialist.
Open Mind

Written by climate scientists but its really easy to get into, i enjoyed reading their list of 2006 year in review

Authoritative, is one word to describe
Intergovermental Panal on Climate Change


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