Why Google spends so much on people

This is a comment that i am going to post in response to the fallowing question and other comments from CNN about Google being selected as the best companies to work for 2007.

No. 1 Best Company to Work For
What do you think of our No. 1 company on the Best Companies to Work For list as an employer? Should they be No. 1? Have you worked for the company? Would you like to? What do you think is most important when considering where to work — pay, benefits, company culture, bosses, location? Tell us what you think. The best replies will be published here, and possibly in a future story on CNNMoney.com.

In this globalising economy, where plentiful capital chases few promising companies and yesterdays technology quickly outsourced, the only way a global company can survive with the luxury of living in a developed state is to rely almost exclusively on human resources and its ability generate cutting edge technology, capitol/existing-technology competitive advantages are too easily copied by countries where they can also afford to work cheaper then you. Competitive advantage base on people and the tacit knowledge they hold are properly the most difficult elemental for anyone to imitate.

The fact that Google only has 31% women in their workforce i believe properly reflect more about the society in which Google operates , rather then a policy choice. I am not suggesting that female are less capable doing what Google want their employees to do, what i am saying is that our society socialized females into a less competent demography in some task.

Lastly, i am suspecting Google culture is one where they not there to work or make money, they are they to make the world a better place, because by organizing the worlds information and make it accessible universally they are eliminating properly the most significant source of worlds problem – uneven distribution of knowledge. Google employees may not think this way but they are in fact on a quest save the human race.

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Knowledge Society and ICT



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