Youtube political

Below is a list of Youtube videos complied by Passport (blog arm of the Foreign Policy) that have political consequents or “Youtube Effect”

* China kills Tibetan monks Murder in the mountains: Chinese soldiers shot down Tibetan monks, women, and children in cold blood, but a climber caught them on tape.

* China can’t censor everything: A Sky News reporter risks detention, even harm to report on the simmering discontent brewing in China over land grabs. But the victims haven’t been waiting around for him to discover their misery. His report builds on footage shot by ordinary Chinese of clashes between peasants and government hired thugs, and of ordinary people being forcibly evicted from their houses.

* Real or staged, we’ll never know: This harrowing video, purportedly of U.S. troops crying and praying during a firefight with Iraqi insurgents, may be a fake. But that didn’t stop 86,000 people from viewing it in the first 10 days after it was posted.

* Egyptian police slap detaineeInside Egypt’s jails: An Egyptian police officer slaps around a detainee, to the delight of his colleagues. He didn’t think anyone was watching.

* Two U.S. humvees attacked in Baquba: A typical video posted by Iraqi insurgents of a roadside bomb attack on a U.S. convoy.

and here is the Moises Naim editorial about Youtube Effect and these videos.
a free registration with Foreign Policy may be required to read the article.

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