What should she write about?


I have been trying to persuade my girl friend to start writing a blog and writing it regularly. I do this to anyone who has any interest about the online world really, and i have manage to get a few of my friends to start writing. She has been thinking about it and even made an attempt to write a blog about her cute-ugly pug named Raimaru(雷丸). That blog ended indefinitely after only 4 postings.

Quick info about her:
25 years old, born in Japan, Undergraduate degree on modern Asian studies from an Australian university, loves ballet, teach English to babies and kids, loves her pug, in a international relationship with me, loves food and punk music and tips about health.

Now, with me starting this new blog 5 days ago, she got excited about giving blogs another shot.
She now only have to decide that she should write about, and me being the self-centered-and-pretending-to-know-something-about-blogsphere boy friend that i am, naturally, i try to give her some (ill) advices.

to be continued…

Here are 2 bloggers i persuaded to start a blog, directly or indirectly.
天津裕人 – about a Japanese studying in Tianjin, China.
ai’s diary – about a Japanese female entertainer struggling in the industry.


4 thoughts on “What should she write about?

  1. The last i saw Thunder Ball (TB) he was fat, lol.
    my girl friends mum would take him for a walk every day in the afternoons through a park with a lake what many other dog friends who live around goes to too. TB would get over excited about each days walk that he would use up most of his energy getting to the park and have my gfs mum carry him home. TB is a bit of a comedian.

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