Einstein to give Snap some advice

Einstein Snap

In all seriousness I like Snap, I use it on my Japanese blog (色色), I would use it on this blog if WordPress.com people let me.
However, Snap can be irritating, its a concern voiced by other bloggers and some members of the Wordpess.come community.

So here is a suggestion,

Add an additional trigger needed for snap preview to be activated.

For example, a setting that will only allow snap preview to be activated while holding down [rightmouseclick] and mouse-overing a link at the same time. This should eliminate unwanted previews over minefields of links

of course it does not have to be [rightmouseclick], it can be [shift], [control] or another common key.
or maybe even a double right click.

That fake Einstein picture can me made at www.hetemeel.com
and check out Snap’s image search, the way it display image search results are pretty cool.


One thought on “Einstein to give Snap some advice

  1. アインシュタインは、昨日のテレビ番組「日本人の好きな偉人トップ100」の一位に選ばれた。

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