Taiwan Matters!: A passionate political blog from Taiwan’s independent camp

Taiwan Matters!

Taiwan Matters! a passionate blog written by a group of people from the independent/DPP/pan-green side of Taiwanese political spectrum.

A one sentence description of what is at stake:
Taiwan(ROC) an independent state not recognized by most significant powers in the world (including the US) is not happy with its legal status and endeavor for legal/de jure independence, which is oppose by China(PRC) diplomatically and military.
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After skimming through a few article these group of blogger seems to be proponent of Taiwanese independence and they seem to be very partisan. Nonetheless they seem to be very passionate about Taiwan, i mean they have written 23,118 quality words on the their less then one month old blog, very impressive.

Now, people of Taiwan Matters!
Me, my family, and my grandparents and all their families, were all born in, live and work in Taiwan. Taiwan is a matter that I care strongly about. I would like you to help my understand the case for fighting for Taiwanese de jura independence by answering the following questions.

What can the people of Taiwan realistically benefit from an independent declaration and at what possible cost?

by independent declaration i mean formally changing the constitution of the Republic of China, ie de jure independent.
Please keep in mind that people of Taiwan and its government already have de facto independent administrative power over Taiwan and has good relationship (economically, culturally) with most important states, albeit an unofficial one.

There is one more thing i would like you guys to consider,

In an increasing globalised world, does de jure independent really worth anything more then the superficial. and is true independence really possible?

p.s. zero-sum partisan game is good for no one but the politician, or am i stating the obvious.


4 thoughts on “Taiwan Matters!: A passionate political blog from Taiwan’s independent camp

  1. If independence is worthless, why do you bother to grow up and leave your parents?

    What is “true independence?” You define it and I’ll tell you if it is possible.

  2. What you asked is one step towards answering the posted question.

    people grow up and leave their parent because they want learn and be able to survive without the help of their parents, and or start their own family.

    so truth independence for a nation-state is a self-contained nation, in terms of its administration, economy, culture, legality and atmospheres. which was maybe possible in the very very distant pass, but not possible now.

    just like it is very very difficult for a person to be living entirely independent from the society.

    impossible may be, but it doesn’t mean people dont try. the closest nation-state to be truely independent, is properly Kim’s North Korea. Its pointless.

    not that we got that cleared up, whats the worth of de jure independence? Its worth as much as the legitimacy others give it, which inst much nowadays.

  3. An independent nation is one that can control its own future, set its own policy for its own needs, and so on. De jure independence is simply world recognition that a nation is independent and has all the rights and privileges of independence. What good is that? It is impossible to predict. But it is a good thing to be in control of one’s destiny.

    You’ve confused “independence” with “isolationism” or “autarky” in your definition above. Being independent doesn’t mean that other nations are unnecessary or don’t affect you.

    Why are you opposed to independence for Taiwan?

  4. Name one state that has complete control of its own future, and the answer is none.

    De jure independent, ie a sovereign nation-state, is suppose to have the “rights and privileges of independence” something nowadays states just pay lip service too, and is very impractical.

    no state has complete control over its, economy, culture, atmospheres(environment).

    Sovereignty, in practice only mean limited monopoly of force and taxes and even more limiting policy-making power.

    am i opposed to independence for Taiwan?

    i would argue, that Taiwan is already as independent as it can be.

    de jure independence is an illusion not worth losing one life to.

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