Counting Down with F.O.A.Iと年越し

Foai 2006-7

Happy new year folks.
i spend my the last hours of 2006 with my new friends from the band Free Of All Injury at a independent band live house event in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. here is the video i took with my crappy camera.
あけましておめでとう!!今年もよろしくお願いします、一年間早かった。ってか俺の今までの27年間もあっという間に終わってしまった。昨日ロックバンドの友達のイベントでカントダウンした。ロックは特に好きの訳でもないけど、めっちゃ楽しかった。以下のビデオはカントダウンとバンドパフォーマンス。友達のバンドの名前はFree Of All Injury (F.O.A.I)

This will be their last performance for the foreseeable future, because 2 of the band members (vocal and guitarist) are leaving to serve their compulsory military service. Something i got lots to say about, because i am going too.
the second video is their third song of the night. i don’t have song titles, i forgot to ask them….i find out and add them later.
the song is in japanese sang by their half japanese half chinese vocal.

about FOAI について


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