Introducing my self to the community


hi all, this will be my first post with, all the previously dated posts are from one of my two other blogs. which are GlobalStandard, an english on issues of politics, society and sometime films. and IroIro(色色), a japanese blog on basically anything that interest me, u know, stuff.

now about my self. i was born in taiwan a chinese speaking country that is on unfriendly terms with china. i lived there for the first 12 years of my life then i move to Gold Coast, Australia to study and been staying there until my recent return to taiwan 2 month ago, except a year of exchange study to japan. i just turn 27 years old, so thats 14 in australia, 1 in japan and 12 and counting in taiwan. i speak all three languages, english, chinese and japanese. wrote 2 blogs in 2 of those languages, this one is going to be a trilingual.

moving on, about my education background,

i am currently on leave from a doctoral candidature with university of queensland, topic on political economy of japan and taiwan.

i also have,
master of international relation and asian politics from university of queensland,
bachelor of international business from Griffith university, and
diploma of business studies from Russo institute of technology

so u can see, i am pretty much sick of being in school. 😦

thats it for my self introduction to the wordpress community.

p.s. my last english blog is with blogger, is so much better except for the lack of the template customization freedom. maybe template editing can be a pay option one day, that i would pay for.

nice to meet u all, and thanks for reading.


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