Sadness of the Immortals

Again another post about a movie I just saw, Interview With The Vampire. It was sad so very sad. Immortal vampires live life without end and without purpose.

Reproduction, it is for the purpose of creating a replacement in the event of ones death. For an immortal without death, there is no need to reproduce therefore there is no need for family, lover, no need for jobs to support the family, nor education needed to get a job etc. so in case of immortality there is really no need to do anything. And for an immortal who has eternality there isn’t anything significant that cannot be delayed indefinably. If life has no purpose then there is no better or worst, and no more need for right and wrong. Maybe this is why Louis is the rarest vampire of all because he alone still has feelings like the mortals, he feels right and wrong.

if you liked Interview With The Vampire, and you fine this post interesting, you will also like Ghost In The Shell. both these two very different film has life/mortality/purpose at their core.


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