Next Challenge for Japan

key: Red = Koizumi led coalition / Blue = Oppositions

Now that Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has won, Japan Post privatization bill is secured and Japan’s future is looking brightest since the burst of economic bubble after Cold War.

Although the weaken Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has now lost its pressure on the governing LDP it has since the 1996 electoral reform, this does not necessary mean LDP will go back to its old pork barrel politics as it is infused with a group of new non-establishment politician, new constituency and a new mandate to carry out reform. However LDP’s reinvigoration also meant the prospect of a dual/multi-party politic is delayed.

What is next for Japan is to continue reform in education, finance and trade; foreign relation wise its needs a progressive policy toward its Chinese and Korean neighbor and finally it needs to find a Koizumi replacement and draw up a shopping list to spend its new fortune from selling Japan Post.


Basic glossory: Cheat Sheet: Japan’s Elections
Supplement view: With Koizumi at the Theatre
Related GS article: Sacrificial legacy of Koizumi Junichirou and Lee Teng Hui


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