The Beauty of Birds: a review of Winged Migration

I really don’t watch enough documentary films as I like to. I don’t pay enough attention to them because documentaries don’t get enough airwave (marketing, press, etc.) when compare to Hollywood feature films. A lame excuse. I did get the see one this weekend, its called “Travelling Birds” or “Winged Migration”. I have to say it is one of the most beautiful nature documentaries I have ever seen. Than again I don’t watch a lot of nature documentaries. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in 2003 and won a basket of many other awards and praise from reviewers.

The film covers migrating birds of different species to and from different continents. The film has great respect for the birds and display a hint of distaste for human interference into bird’s natural life. Althought there is only few seconds of narrative in this film, but the director speaks valumes with his camara.

More than anything I was fascinated with the way it was filmed. The production team used a host of different aircrafts (Glider, Balloon, Ultra light motorised aircraft, helicopter delta wing) to fly with the birds over long distance allowing cameras to move with the birds side by side. Directed by Jacques Perrin, this film is a must for its sheer beauty.



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