Some sobering pictures from the Foreign Policy

The following pictures from Foreign Policy‘s 3rd Annual CGD/FP Commitment to Development Index says a lot. I will talk more about them in future articles.

Its sad to see Japan, where most of my personal friends are from would fall dead last three years in the row in Foreign Policy’s Commitment to Development Index. If one wonders why Japan is finding it difficult to gather support for its effort to becoming a permanent United Nation Security Council Member, this may be part of the reason.

This picture would look more hypocritical (or less) if the United States were the only country exercising trade policy that is harmful to the development of the underdeveloped. Many countries in Europe and Japan have being reported having trade policies that is just as harmful to the underdeveloped. Heavily subsidized agriculture industry being one. However there are literatures arguing subsidized agriculture in fact help some underdeveloped countries that are net importer of agriculture good. One counter argument against that view would be if the global agriculture was not so distorted those net importers could have import their needs from other underdeveloped countries.

Here is two more picture from the same article section of Foreign affier for you to chew on:

note: some of the article in Foreign Affair require a free registration to access.


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