Interlude: introduction to trivia posts

Warning! Warning! Warning!

For all the people who is only interested in politics, economy and society
Stop reading and go the next post.

From now on I will incorporate a series post under the heading “Interlude” where I will write about trivial issues. I will write about boring stuffs that will interest no anyone unless you are seriously bored, seriously disturbed or you are my mom. If you are my mom, don’t read the a bit where I talk about drinking, being lazy or not eating vegetables.

Ok, now a little bit about my self.

My name in the real world is Steven P. Han HSIEH. I was not too sure about advertising my name on the internet. But than I though I should not cowardly hide behind an anonymous cyber name “Neouto” instead I should stand by my views. That’s my reasoning anyway.

The picture to the right is me in Darwin. A city name after a man who’s theory of natural selection and evolution has affected my views in political science. His theory is useful in my opinion for the understanding of the fundamental logical of human action which political activity is an expression of.



7 thoughts on “Interlude: introduction to trivia posts

  1. Its neo and utopian
    Before u start thinking that i believe in fairies

    In the last 100 years, our life expectancy almost doubled and for people from the developing countries, life expectancy more than doubled. If there is an index of happiness than life expectancy has got to be the most fundamental and the most universal indication of happiness. According to our life expectancy we are almost 2 times happier.

    Ok let me put it this way.

    If you go in to any pub, 100 years ago and say 100 years later any of the fallowing will happen:

    “France and Germany will be using the same currency and they will be in the process of forming a supranational entity”

    “Japan and many other developing countries and develop countries will see their life expectancy almost doubled or more then doubled”

    “Peace without a foreseeable war between developed countries”

    In fact, if you describe almost any aspect of modern life to anyone 100 years ago, they will think you are a fairy believing utopian.

    We are living in that utopia.

    I think I am a neoutopian because I believe a better world is not only possible, but it is at least as probable as the progress we made since 1900s. Depending on whom you read, things have never look better.

    For a rosy yet realistic view of the world try “the skeptical environmentalist: measuring the real state of the world” by Bjorn Lomborg

    But before u start believing in fairies, there is still a daunting room for improvement in our still rather crude world. Just look south.

  2. Just look south refers to the plight of nations located in the southern hemisphere: Middle east, Africa, South America, South Asia, and South East Asia.

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