She says “self-interest”, I say “that great”

One of the great things about the modern ability of individuals to publish online cheaply from almost anyway in the world is the surface of previously ignored perspectives.

The article of discussion is from Baheyya: Egypt Analysis and Whimsy a blog maintained by a self proclaim Egyptian female democrat is one of such example. She question American commitment in the promotion of democratic reform in the Middle East, accusing America of acting on self-interest and urge for a promotion of democracy without condition.

Overall the paper is informed, passionate, yet, rather fair. However I do think it’s a little off the mark. She accuses American policy elites of indifference to the suffering of Arabian people whose democracy promotion are inseparable to “the best ways to preserve American national interests”. She is right, however there maybe an alternative perspective on American policy discourse. Policy discourse under American national institution has to address the American national interest. Any policy elites who are passionate about the plight of Arabian people they still have to argue for the promotion of democratic reform in the guise of American interest. This kind of discourse can only be good as it align the America interest with the democratization of Middle East and other parts of the world. It’s a little ironic when She compliant that Americans effort to increase the capacity of Arab parliament sum up to buying them “nice computers” only to forget its is the power of computers that let her publish her view to billions of people and gather information she need for her article.

Well, the above is my positive spin from the positive me.

Please take time to read her article, its long but its worth your time.



6 thoughts on “She says “self-interest”, I say “that great”

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