If not for oil, for what?

One of the more persuasive arguments against the view that the United States invades Iraq because of its oil has being the cost of going to war would out weight the benefit from Iraqi oil. In short, American could have just bought the oil it wants with the money it spends in the costly war.

This infamous price tag of war has just being broadcasted in the op-ed of New York Times by Linda Bilmes, an assistant secretary at the Department of Commerce from 1999 to 2001. She estimate if the war last five more years ”the total outlay for the war could stretch to more than $1.3 trillion or $11,300 for every household in the United States.” The Vietnam War took the total of seven years. Iraq war started in 2003 will it last till 2010? $1.3 trillion american dollar is a lot of oil .

(Of course, there are other reasons for war, including other oil related reasons like Oil control and Bush oil conspiracy which I am skeptic of both. I will talk about them if someone ask me.)

Now, I feel obligated to ask all my American readers who voted for Bush in the 2004 election a question.

Why did you support a president who may have just took $11,300 out of you or your family’s pocket and spend it on a war overwhelming American international relation experts did not approve of and think that it have decrease or greatly decrease American security? Not to mention that American has undermined its standing with many parts of the world and ended the lives of many young patriotic Americans?

George Bush may have has just destroyed its younger brother Jeff’s aspiration for the American presidency.


Graphic source


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