Japanese Textbook: an authoritative analysis in plain English

No no by me, but the good people from Foreign Policy. Further analysis will be added later when I have time. For now take a look at Foreign Policy’s Think Again: Japanese Textbooks



2 thoughts on “Japanese Textbook: an authoritative analysis in plain English

  1. Interesting article, but i find it rather strange to say, that in terms of distorting/revealing its past only Germany is the good example and other coutries, like China, normally distort their past. Thus, Japan’s distortion is still OK.
    Japan should match itself to Germany, not to China. A self-confident liberal-democratic nation should find a better example and catch up with that instead of finding a worse example and boast how much better they are…

  2. Agree. maybe there should be a history book summit of all democratic liberal nations to discuss the principles regarding textbooks. maybe even writing sections of shared history in text books together.

    After all, history is part of a peace education.

    If i am not mistaken, France and German have a joint history textbook committee. And that “The Contemporary and Modern History of Three East Asian Countries” mentioned in the article also seems like a noble cause and a possible model for countries with violent shared history.

    Link to news about the above mentioned textbook

    Last word. I think the notion that history book policy is a completely domestic affair not subject to foreign influence should be questioned. But if it’s up to me, there will be no foreign policy at all. (I will be blasted for saying this though).

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