Internet as a nursery for extreme views

Since Internet can connect vast amount of people without geographical limits, it mergers minds of populations that was before isolated by space. Just like niche market benefits from larger markets, isolated and extreme view also benefits from the Internet. To some extent recent London bombing was the side effect of the Internet.

In the real world

The this world we live in we have to try to live with people with different views and sometime make accommodations to opposing views. These kinds of interaction moderate extreme views, brings majority of people to the moderate centralist position, and prevent large-scale consolidation of extreme or isolated views.

In the Internet

The Internet do away geographical limit of communication. All of the sudden, you can choose who you want to talk to out of everyone that is connected to the Internet. This allows people to ignore people who they disagree with and only talk to likeminded people, which reinforce each other’s view. In short the Internet allow people to only talk to people they agree with.

Jihad virtual community

Oliver Roy, argued in a New York Times article, said the Internet serve as a tool to connect and build a virtual community of jihad sympathizers. Anyone around the globe with Internet assess can talk to likeminded extremist and learn how to plan and execute a plan just like the one bomb blast of London recently. The bombers were dissatisfied British grown young man isolated within the virtual extremist community.

Right wing extremist

The same can be said about any non-mainstream isolated views. Recently I have being observing Internet forums where right wing Japanese gather to talk about Second World War, Japan-China relations and Japan-Korea relations. The first thing you realizes is that everyone agrees with everyone, there isn’t a lot of disagreements, just different expression of what is essentially same view. These forums has consolidate China-alamist view amount forum members. This is a potentially dangerours developement.

Well, Using the Internet to create a virtual community of likeminded people whose identity is not bond by national boarders was the original motivaltion of the GS. I figure that if I cant find enough people with the same cosmopolitan identity that I have in the real world, I will find it on the Internet. Well, terrorist thought of the exact same thing.



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