The late and not so anticipated launch of my blog

For starter, I would rather think of this blog as an online magazine or a potential online magazine. Secondly, it’s late, damn late. The initial launch was scheduled for February. Yes, I know its now July and its 5 months late. Things change. Originally Global Standard (GS) was to be created with a co-founder. She later got a job and end up having better thing to do than this. So I pick up the tab and continued to work on the conceptualization of GS. I often do it at an Internet café while playing game. I am obviously not very productive when I play game. Blah blah blah its 5 months late.

How rude! I did not introduce my self. My name is Steven or Han or Neouto (net name).

I am a political science student. I pretend to study a lot. I fine the human part of universe interesting, I like games (ruining my life as we speak), I love movies and I love the net.

Mission statement: in progress
I will at some point draw up a mission statement for GS.

For now these following are things that you can expect from GS:

  • Profile of the founder (me)
  • Movie reviews
  • Columns on current affair, politics, economy and personal observation
  • Reflections on articles written by other people
  • Columns by guess contributor
  • Japanese translation of English articles (I will try)
  • Questions and Answers about anything (I will try)
  • And other general spelling and grammatical mistakes (I am very good at this)
  • No articles about my boring personal life (I brush my teeth this morning, blah blah blah)

Ok, if you have read up to this point, maybe you have a lot of free time in your hands.

thats it for now, see you soon

neouto 070705 au


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